Yahweh Health Care is a non-profit medical outreach committed to honoring the God-given dignity and value of all people, regardless of race, nationality, or creed. Our mission is to promote the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of all those who need our care. 

Our purpose is also to capture individuals in between establishing healthcare services, such as those who are unemployed, homeless or at risk of being homeless, hungry, and in need of basic services such as routine health screens and basic health services. We provide routine wellness exams and referral information when needed.

YHC Clinic, Inc. collaborates with other non-profit and charitable organizations within the community. We provide internships and volunteer opportunities in order to offer additional potential for lasting changes in both people individually and the community as a whole.

YHC Clinic, Inc.'s purpose is to enhance quality of life and ignite transformation for people living in Colorado. We do this by providing basic health care needs and referral resources, as well as mental and spiritual health support services. We also conduct community outreach projects to enhance and build community within neighborhoods.

Yahweh Health Care | A Healing Community